Premium Benefits

Premium Benefits

We offer a lifetime microchip membership and puppy training with our Sit & Stay all inclusive lifetime membership!

This Sit and Stay Program is offered though our partners at, Petkey’s Dogstar Training, Help Me Find My Pet Alert, Help Me Find My Pet ID Registry, with AKC, and AKC companions dog registry.

Our Sit and Stay Program is what you will need to be successful with your new family companion including everything from registering your puppy’s microchip, registering your puppy with AKC or AKC companions dog registry, receiving a pet ID card, and pet id dog tag, online and over the phone support with puppy and dog training, and much more!

Also included with this program: Lost Animal Recovery & Alerts, Lifetime Microchip Registration, Lost and Found Classifieds, Dog Training and Behavior, ID Tags, ID Cards, Microchip Activation, Snap Lead Training Leash, Training Treats, Send an Alert, Receive Alerts

Similar services don’t even come close. Take a look at why we’re better!
 Service Them… Us!
 Live Phone Support NO YES
 Automatically generated lost pet poster NO YES
 Lost Pet Alert Sent out to All Members in a 25 Mile radius of where the pet was last seen NO YES
 Leads and sightings tracked and sent to pet owner NO YES
 Free Lost & Found Pet Online Classified Postings NO YES
 Works with un-microchipped pets NO YES
 North American Registration Database YES YES
 Emergency call center that cross references all major registries NO YES
 Personal online account access LIMITED YES
 Works with any type of pet NO YES
 Behavior and Training Support NO YES
 Free Account Updates NO YES
 Secure and private personal account information. NO YES
 Picture ID of pet NO YES

Our lifetime microchip registration will never require any annual fee, renewal fee or fee to update your account. Petkey will host your pet’s microchip registration so that it is accessible via the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. Registering is done automatically for you at checkout.

Dog Training

Your Dogstar Membership will include unlimited, online, lifetime access to Brian Donovan’s DOGstar Dog Training Video Library. Your obedience support doesn’t stop there though. DOGstar Certified Behaviorists are just a phone call away to help you troubleshoot any behavioral issues you are experiencing with your dog. Don’t worry because you will be able to call a behaviorist as many times as you need to for the life of your pet until you are comfortable with a training plan that is suited just for you and your best friend.

Unlimited Live Phone Dog Training Support and Dog Training Videos

Dog Training Topics include: Housebreaking, Crate Training, Socialization, Chewing, Destructive Behavior, Biting/Aggression, Basic Commands, Sit , Stay, and Down, Heel, Jumping up on People, Positive Reinforcement Training, Lure Training, Grooming/Desensitizing, Fun Tricks, Toys and Treats, Submissive Wetting, And More.

Keep your puppy safe, happy, and well trained with Sit and Stay program