About Us

Hello and Welcome to our substantial website where we primarily cater to the opulent audience that prefers a professional, long-standing and honest establishment in which to choose their new micro teacup puppy family member from.  If you are looking for a true micro teacup puppy-you are in the right place! We are located in the USA and deliver world-wide via United PetSafe or with a puppy nanny. All of our micro teacup puppies are delivered once purchased, either by nanny or by cargo but not picked up. Get ready to rest your eyes on some of the most ultra-rare smallest teacup dogs in the world! We home breed and home raise White Pomeranians, Red Poodles, Blue Bulldogs, all the smallest teacup dogs in rare colors. We are famous for our micro teacup puppies, our teacup pups all have our signature ‘doll face’ look with big eyes, short noses, compact bodies and we aim for puppies with blue eyes and ultra rare coat colors adding to an irristable combo for micro puppies that is in high demand. As we grow -so do our prices! If you are looking for a bargain-this is not the place. Expect our prices to increase on average $500 every 6 months.  You will receive a lifetime support when you buy your baby doll teacup puppy from us. You are our fur-family. We specialize in the rarest and most coveted micro teacup puppy colors, for example, blue coloured puppies with blue eyed puppies, platinum white teacup puppies, rich red teacup poodles puppies, and breathtaking teacup Merle colored puppies. You may never have heard or seen these rare dog colors before! And we breed the tiniest teacup puppies in the world. We have been breeding tiny micro teacup dogs since 1995, we started selling our teacup dogs online in 2016, prior to opening our online boutique we sold exclusively in our area by word of mouth. We do not have a storefront. We are an online business only(like Net-a-Porter or Amazon), our website is our showroom. We have focused our nearly three decades in business on pristine health so distinctive, that it illuminates in the eyes of our puppies and throughout their elegant glossy coats. You may find so-called teacup dogs cheaper online, but you will never find smaller happier, healthier or better-socialized than on this website. Without a doubt, we take our surrogate parental role of your newest family member very seriously. And think our number of years in business, factored with the glow of confidence, A+ personalities, and the sheer elegance that beams in each of our teacup dogs photos displayed on our website reflect our passion. We hope you enjoy your visit to our online store which is updated regularly for our customer convenience.